The sonic landscape of Last Flowers' third studio album is brilliantly unsteady: Its terrain twists and turns, its topography shifting unpredictably from highs to lows. And in a delicate dance between the expected, and the unexpected, between the gentle and the incendiary, composer Benjamin Lemons (Last Flowers) arrives at a simple destination: Love. 

Love was written between 2012 and 2015, following the exit of former vocalist Nik Vinish-making Lemons not only the record's chief songwriter, but its sole vocalist as well. Before production the record, Lemons studied audio-engineering in Los Angeles. When he returned to the Pacific Northwest, he built a one-room studio to his specifications, and then began rebuilding Last Flowers-all in an effort to bypass industry demands and, has he puts it, "bring more transcendent music to the world without the help of a major label."